The Medical Film Symposium will examine—through screenings, presentations and papers—the relationship between moving images and medical science. Medical films comprised one of the earliest film genres, but the vast majority of these films are unseen and unknown today. The symposium will examine various categories of medical films: actualities and documentations of medical procedures, training films for health professionals, hygiene tutorials and contemporary medical imaging.

Symposium Schedule
January 20-23, 2010

* Wednesday, 7:30pm: Screening of A Man to Remember at International House (presented by Nico de Klerk of the Nederlands Filmmuseum) [info]
Preceded by opening of Radiologic Images exhibit (begins at 6:00pm)
* Thursday, 8:00pm: Film screening at International House (curated by Barbara Hammer) [info]
* Friday, 8:00pm: Film screening at the historic Pennsylvania Hospital (curated by Andrew Lampert and Greg Pierce, open to symposium attendees only)
* Saturday, 9:00am to 5:00pm: Presentations at The College of Physicians of Philadelphia [More info here]
* Saturday, 8:00pm: Film screening at Moore College of Art (curated by Skip Elsheimer & Jay Schwartz) [Program]

All times are subject to change. The International House and Secret Cinema screenings are open to the public with separate admission.
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