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Selected Articles by Symposium Presenters

Michael Sappol: A Traffic of Dead Bodies, Dream Anatomy
Michael Sappol: "The Odd Case of Charles Knowlton: Anatomical Performance, Medical Narrative, and Identity in Antebellum America [Abstract at Project MUSE]
Kirsten Ostherr: Cinematic Propyhlaxis: Globalization and Contagion in the Discourse of World Health
Scott Curtis: "Still/Moving: Digital Imaging and Medical Hermeneutics" [PDF]
Dr. Nick Bryan: "The digital rEvolution: the millenial change in medical imaging" [Link to PDF download]

Sanctus (excerpt)

Directed by Barbara Hammer, 16mm, 1990
Sanctus is Barbara Hammer's film of the rephotographed moving x-rays originally shot by Dr. James Sibley Watson and his colleagues. The full film - as well as other archival and experimental medical films - will be shown in screenings leading up to the symposium.